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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The BBA Social Calander and stuff

Good Morning Comrades as we celebrate the 50th day of the coming of "The One" to the White House. It has been an amazing 50 days as the Messiah has launched a full out frontal assault on the America we all know and love, every day we move closer to waking up in a European Socialist State at best, Soviet Russia at worst. Yes things have been pretty bleak over the last 50 days you do not need me to remind you of that.

So as the social director of the BBA I decided we need to have some fun and spend our money before "The One" and his tax men come for it, to give it to the lazy.

Lets have another BBA get together aka Picnic, I would also like to schedule another BBA Shoot at McMillers Sports Center.

Now I am looking to do these thing down the road, I understand people have a lot going on and finding a day that works for everyone is impossible so lets start working on dates now.

I am looking to do the Shoot in late May when it warms up and the BBA Picnic in July.

so talk amongst yourselves and to your better halves and look at your calendars and see what days work for you.

I am thinking of doing the picnic at the same site we had the last picnic at. For those of you who do not remember that was Nagawaukee park in Delafield.

So lets start planning this and lets get together.

If you are interested either leave me a comment or drop me an email

Party time ;)