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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Really putting the Thug back into Union Thug

Over the last 2 days I finally have gotten my mind wrapped around the Socialist pay back to the Unions that is known as Card Check. I know this has been covered by the Radio guys but we need to keep beating the drum on this joke of an idea.

How you Unionize under the current system. You need to get 30% of the workers to sign cards stating they want to Unionize. Then you can to to the Feds and they are required to hold a secret ballot election. But both sides can make their case for and against the Union before the election, then the Feds supervise the secret ballot election and if 51% of the shop votes for the Union the company has to allow them to organize and must either deal with them in good faith or have the Feds arbitrate a contract.

I personally have no issues with the current system because no one knows how you actually voted when it comes to your individual vote. If the Union or Management tries to pressure you on how to vote you can protect yourself by telling them what they want to hear them vote your conscience without repercussions. Unless the ballot is 100% for or against they cannot prove you against them.

The current system is fair both parties have a chance to sell their position and if the workers choose to say no to the Union they have that right.

But under the Card Check System that The Messiah wants to give Unions as payback for their support, the secret ballot goes away.

The Card Check System. The Union only needs to get 30% of the shop to sign cards saying they want to unionize and bam that is it. The organizers do not even need to announce they are trying to unionize the shop until it is fait accompli.

Think of it this way you are a machinist at a currently non union shop one day you could be confronted by a group of Union Thugs in the locker room at work or even at your home and be asked to sign the card saying you want to unionize the shop. You have two choices go along or say no but if you say know the Union Thugs no that you would not support the union. The ability to say one thing but vote a different way is gone. Also they do not need to get 51% to agree to unionize, just 30% that signed the cards saying they wanted to Unionize.

Lets face facts outside of Government Unions unions have been losing membership for decades. They know that most of the time the American Worker is not buying what they are selling. Most workers understand that Unions are there to protect the drunk the drug addict and the lazy and to pad the pockets of Union Officials. If you are a hard worker who gets to work and does his job you will never need a union.

So the Unions cannot win in a fair fight so they now want to tilt the table all the way to their side. What does that tell you about how bad their ideas are that they need the Federal Government to give them what they cannot win fair and square.

I would love to have any of our Socialist Friends like Jay or Grumps or Keith et al please tell us how getting rid of the current system is a good thing. Lets see if any of them are willing to carry Obama and the Unions water on this.

The funny thing is if they pass this it will most likely drive more jobs out of the country as companies move to China or Mexico to avoid being Unionized at the barrel of the Federal Gun.

Unions are a one of the most evil parts of the Socialist beast we are now locked in combat with.

Make the calls let politicians in Washington know that we will not stand by while the the sanctity of the secret ballot box is pissed on by President Obama and his Union thug minions.

Just another reason to look for the Union label and then buy something else