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Monday, March 30, 2009

Due to Nationialzation GM and Chrysler to drop the title company

They will now by known by the Soviet Titles of "Bureau" example the GM automotive bureau.

The Obama Administration aka our new Auto Maker Overlords also announced the whole Cadillac division will be shut down due to the fact only rich people drive Cadillacs and under the Obama Administration there will no longer be rich people so there is no need for Cadillacs.

They will also no longer produce SUV's or Light and Heavy Trucks they will only produce these three models of automobiles

I give you the 2010 class of GM Bureau vehicles

The 2010 Lada based on that Soviet Union Classic which will be built under license in Detroit.

But that is not all another gem of communist auto making will also be made by GM

Put your hands together for the 2010 GM Bureau Yugo.

Chrysler will return to a part of its past when it start producing the 2010 Chrysler Gremlin. Based on the AMC Gremlin.

So are you ready to embrace the Brave New World of American Auto Making.

President Obama and is Green Cultist allies know you do not want these type of cars but guess what tough Obama won and it is no longer about what you want.


Sorry GM and Chrysler now that you are Nationalized I will not even consider your vehicles when it comes time to buy a new one.

I woke up is the Soviet States of America