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Monday, February 09, 2009

With "Friends like these"

Once again the two Rockefeller Republicans from Maine Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe have sold us out along with usual sell out Arlen Specter. I mean this bill is so bad even John McCain is going to vote against it.

But not these three turncoats. It is not that their votes will help pass the bill the Libs and President Obama do not need Republican votes to do anything. But this allows Obama to say it was a Bipartisan effort even though Republican had nothing to do with writing this piece of crap bill.

Why don't Mr Specter and the two Senators from Maine just switch parties if you are going to vote with the Dems go become one.

I mean these three Senators make France seem like a reliable ally.

I would rather lose those seats now so we at least know where we stand and can start rebuilding the party.

At least when Obama Stabs us the knife is in our chest unlike when Mr Specter does it where it is always in our back.

Just keep swimming right?