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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Step one: have your picture taken while aiming a gun.

Step two: post said picture on Facebook.

Hat tip to Wiggy for this story:

BEAVER DAM (WKOW) -- Beaver Dam school officials placed a middle school teacher on administrative leave after discovering a photograph of the teacher with a gun on the teacher's Facebook page.
If you only read the opening paragraph, “oh for crying out loud” is a perfect response. I mean, come on.

Now read the next paragraph:

In the photo, teacher Betsy Ramsdale is training a rifle at the camera.
Note the picture, which I lifted from the WKOW website here.

The pose itself adds a whole new degree of creepiness to the story.

That still doesn't seem like enough to suspend her, so let me ask this question: was somebody behind the camera? Did a person take that picture? Because if so, that's completely irresponsible firearms handling. A responsible gun owner will never, ever point a gun at – or even in the general direction of – another person except in self-defense.

Of course, the camera could have been on a timer. Did anybody ask? If the reporter on the story did, he isn't telling us.