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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rose Fernandez Not Endorsed by WEAC

I love it that Rose Fernandez is touting her non-endorsement by WEAC, the state teachers' union. You know a person by the company they keep, the saying goes.

Let’s be honest: unions exist to support their members – to get more for their members. WEAC is a union. They exist to protect and to enrich their members.

I’m absolutely certain that WEAC and its members sincerely want great schools and great educations for all Wisconsin kids. But. If some magical new curriculum appeared that would provide that education at half the cost, with half the teachers, they’d fight against it tooth and nail.

There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as everybody understands that this is their motivation.

But: considering that motivation, WEAC should not be in control of the schools. They should be (and are) a factor, but not the factor. The Association of School Boards provides some pushback. DPI should, as well.

Under Libby Burmaster, DPI has not done that. I have my doubts that DPI will under Tony Evers. Rose Fernandez, I believe, shares WEAC’s goal of great schools and education, but she will not be one of WEAC’s pawns.