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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Some Abortion and Rights thoughts

I have been following the debate in the Madison papers over the UW Medical Clinic and 2nd Trimester Abortions since the debate flared up. I will admit Abortion might be the one issue where I am more to the right than even my position on gun rights.

This picture in the WSJ caught my eye and got me thinking.

(John Maniaci - State Journal archives )

I know some of this will be just repeating things we have already asked in the past but we need to keep beating the drum.

First the obvious question is what about the rights of the unborn baby? Yes I am a life begins at conception person.

Then I noticed this post on the death penalty over at Folkbum yesterday(I do not tour the other blogs all that often anymore so I am late to see a lot of posts)

And once again I had to ask the question, Why do Liberals care so much about the rights of criminals who are going to be killed, but they do not seem to care about the rights of unborn children? That is a question that baffles me. Murder 5 children in their sleep and most Liberals will protest to make sure the State does not kill you for that crime. But kill a unborn child as a method of birth control and the left will protest to make sure the State does not take away that "right". No I will never understand that paradox.

Speaking of Rights, I find it funny but not ha ha funny that the left refuses to acknowledge rights like our Second Amendment rights which happen to be actually stated word for word in the Bill of Rights. But they cling to a right that the Supreme Court had to create when they invented the whole idea of a "Right to Privacy" and then made the leap that Privacy included killing/murdering unborn children. Once again the views of the left on these two issues baffle me.

I will say I am not against abortion in one circumstance, I would allow it in case where it would save the life of the mother. I would also accept that in the real world that definition would be abused by some unscrupulous abortion doctors. But it would be abuse I personally could live with.

This is going to be a very rough time for those of us on the "Right" side of this issue with the left in this country entrenched in power we know that they will try and expand abortion rights. Not that I can blame them this might be their last best chance before we start taking back seats in 2010.

But being out of power does not mean we are powerless once again this is a fight we will have win with ideas one mind at a time.

I for one will keep watching the blatant and open hypocrisy of our "friends" on the Left with amazement.

Adoption not Abortion