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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hmmmm... Precis.... Wasn't that the word of the day yesterday?

Actually, Chris, you should find Jay's argument intriguing. Here's why:

Size matters. At least according to Jay.

Since we in Wisconsin find ourselves blessed with an abundance of sizeable people, and size makes right, we should be able to make the laws for everyone, just like our mythical 50-foot-tall woman in need of a uterus evacuation.

Isn't that the argument Jay must be making? Otherwise, he's arguing that the teeny tiny freeloader has rights.

Other than that, Chris, Jay's just playin' the same old game.

Precis, shmecis. It's called moving the goal posts. He can't argue that killing is wrong, so he changes the priority - and thus the point - to equal rights.

And he still gets it wrong, because the best that argument brings is a draw, and a lot of supposed gestational machines to take the baby from the woman who doesn't want her rights trampled on (or her friends to know she managed to get knocked up in the 21st century).

Precis that, Jay.