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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Some Abortion Counter Battery

I see that Jay linked to my abortion post in something called a Précis. First being a blogging caveman I had to look up what Précis was and found this definition on Wiki

Well this Précis strikes me as a pretty lame name for a link dump but it is his blog so he can do what he wants. You will not see the use of the Précis by me Jib pays me by the word.

Now back to the orginial thought behind this post. Jay wrote "Shorter Badger Blog Alliance: A millimeters-small clump of cells is a human; a full-grown adult woman, not so much."

Once again Jay either fails or refuses to actually try and understand our position. Can someone please show me where I wrote that a Full Grown Adult Woman was not human?

What I said was the Full Grown Adult Woman did not have a right to end the life of the Millimeters-small clump of cells.(excuse me while I go all Danny Noonon but Jay there are Two L's in Millimeter) Just like I being human do not have a right to end the life of people or things that cause me trouble(No matter how much I would like to do that)

Also I understand that Millimeters-small clump of cells is alive and growing. I understand it is not static it will continue to grow so by 6 weeks when most women will confirm they are pregnant the fetus/embryo will look like this

If that is not a baby or human yet it is sure on its way and it is alive.

I guess the difference between people like me and Jay is I see and understand what that Millimeters-small clump of cells can become and believe it is my duty as a decent human being to try and protect that clump of cells.

Once that Millimeters-small clump is started down the road of development that will normally would lead to the birth of a baby what gives us the right to stop its development?.

This is one case where I really do not care what the other side thinks of me our job is to protect the innocent. I sleep well at night because I know I am on the right side of this issue.

As the father of two adopted children I know there is a much better answer than abortion.

You want to actually put some of that stimulus pork to work doing what my Catholic friends would call a good works. We need to rebuild and reinvent the idea of Orphanages in this country. To give woman who do not want to be mothers another option. But that is another post I am working on for the future.

I will close this saying this my life has been touched by 3 different single moms.

The first was my mother who refused to take the easy way out when she was 21 and pregnant with me.

The other two are Russian women who I will most likely never meet but both also refused to take the easy way out and gave me two great and wonderful sons.

You see Jay I really do understand what those Millimeters-small clump of cells can become.

Adoption not Abortion.