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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Senate Dems to re-introduce so-called "Healthy Wisconsin"

I admit, I didn't think they'd do it. After spending the election season running hard away from it, I thought they'd wait for the Obama administration.

But no: the Senate Majority Leader says he'll re-introduce the so-called "Healthy Wisconsin," which will socialize health care in the state.

State Sen. Russ Decker said he and a colleague plan to reintroduce the [so-called -ed] Healthy Wisconsin reform bill this legislative session, despite challenges of a projected $5.4 billion budget shortfall and the economic downturn.
Check out the way Sen. Decker describes it:

Decker, a Weston Democrat who is the state Senate majority leader, said he and Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Waunakee, are reworking Healthy Wisconsin, a plan introduced last year that would have grouped nearly all workers with employer-sponsored coverage into one pool, spreading the risk among a larger group and reducing costs.
Hey, how come Sen. Decker doesn't tell us about the bureaucratic control of prices? And the bureaucratic control of profits? And the double-digit tax increases?