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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It is kind of Ironic

That this moron who used to spend his time charging that President Bush had stolen the Presidency. Will now be known for stealing a Senate Seat.

I have been watching the blatant and open theft of a Senate seat with just a little bit of amazement. Our system is so broken that the Dems feel they do not even have to hide when they are stuffing the ballet box.

You knew when this thing went to a recount Stewart Smalley would FIND the votes he needed.

What a sad day for the Republic when a man like Al Frankin can be elected to the Senate, well I guess I should not be surprised the Dems have been putting a murder like Ted Kennedy in the Senate for over 40 years.

The real tough part will be getting rid of Stewart Smalley as we all know from our battles with Senator Moonbat aka Feingold once they get their slimy asses in the that seat it is really hard to get them out under the current system that favors the incumbent.

Term Limits anyone?