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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Five running for DPI Supe

We'll have a five-candidate primary on February 17. Don't forget to vote, and where do I get my Rose Fernandez sign?

Oh, and can I put a logo on my website, or do I have to wait for the complaint to be filed against Boots and Sabers first?

Anyway. The five candidates include:
  • current DPI deputy Tony Evers;
  • Beloit Superintendent Lowell Holtz;
  • National-Louis University professor Todd Price;
  • Concordia University professor ("and longtime Republican Party operative," the story makes a point of noting) Van Mobley;
  • and Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families president Rose Fernandez.
It’s no secret that I’m leaning heavily toward Fernandez – her leadership on virtual schools made her a favorite of mine several years ago. The story says she “wasn't prepared to take a position” on repealing the QEO, but:
I think districts should have the freedom to pay great teachers a lot more than they presently do. And a merit pay system should also give districts more freedom to dismiss teachers who aren't up to the task, no matter how long they've been around.
Y’know, I might be willing to support repealing the QEO, if there were a real system that actually did that – run by people with the fortitude to actually do it – were in place.

Hat tip Ed Garvey