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Friday, January 09, 2009

RE: The Wisconsin Innocence Project Strikes again

The following post is from former and soon to be current blogger K.B.:


As the Cheddarsphere's resident expert on all things "Steve Avery," I have to throw the penalty flag on Chris' post below. First of all, Avery was released when it was discovered he didn't commit a rape in 1985 he was wrongfully convicted of doing. He served 18 years for a crime he did not do. I know that fact gets lost in the horror of the Halbach Case, but it is the reality of what occurred.

Steven Avery - evil incarnate if there ever is such a thing - was given a raw deal by the State Criminal Justice System. It should be the job of every American, regardless of political affiliation, to ensure that justice was done right and that the innocent are not wrongfully incarcerated. Because failure to do so, no matter what occurs after the innocent are proven so, will only lead to a morally corrupt America.

That is the purpose of the Wisconsin Innocence Project. It is not a 'liberal group' by design, it's a bunch of UW Law Professors and 2nd and 3rd year UW Law Students - yes, many of them ideologically liberal - who are trying to ensure the system didn't fail these individuals. In the near 20 year history of various Innocence Projects across the nation, they've only successfully aided barely 230 wrongfully convicted individuals. In Wisconsin, it's only been five or six. They found more people who really were guilty than they find wrongfully-convicted they helped set free.

Was Avery a saint? Hardly, the man's rap sheet and criminal history screamed 'sociopath.' But this isn't a world like "Minority Report," where those who 'might' commit crimes are imprisoned before they do them. No one could have predicted that Steve Avery going free that day in 2003 would have led to the death of Teresa Halbach. Her parents and family don't blame the Wisconsin Innocent Project for what happened to their daughter and sister - they blame Steven Avery and Branden Dassey.

As should we all.