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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Never Forget A Lot Can Change In 4 Years

As bleak as it seems as we count down the hours till The One/The Messiah takes office do not forget how much can change in 4 years.

In 1940 British troops were driven off the European Continent in what became known as the Dunkirk Miracle(an early exercise in spin if there ever was one) by Nazis

In June of 1944 they returned along with their Allies and together they went on to liberate all of Western Europe from the evil that was the Nazis

So no matter how bleak today seems remember a lot can happen in 4 years.

And heed Jibs warning do not become the bitter little trolls the Left became 8 years ago and remain so to this day. We are better than that and we are better than them so lets act like it.

Take your shots have your fun but remember in the end we have to save our country from those people so start thinking of ways we can do that(but run them by Kevin first so he can give you his ok alright) ;)

From today we only look forward towards the 2010 midterm elections that is the next battle

Now go pop in a DVD and just refuse to suffer through the Messiah lovefest that will pass as News for the next 48 hours