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Friday, January 16, 2009

Scott Walker: A Little Distrust of Government Motives Can Go A Long Way

Jo Egelhoff of makes an important point about Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walkers "refusal" to accept stimulus money for his county:
Milwaukee County Exec. Scott Walker recognizes that free dollars are NOT free. “’Free money’ sounds nice until you read the fine print and realize Milwaukee County taxpayers may be required to provide a local match that they cannot afford.”

Walker would take bail-out dollars only on a case-by-case basis, i.e., only if they meet these specific criteria:
  • No local match is required by the federal government
  • No long-term commitments are mandated by the federal government
  • No future operating or maintenance expenses will result
See, Walker isn't refusing the money: he's making sure taking the money doesn't hurt his county – or commit his county – in the longer term. He's refusing to run slobberingly all over the place begging for cash and thanking the oh-so-generous Feds for Saving Us All!

You wouldn’t know that, to read his critics.

We also might remember: Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner was one of the only members of Congress to vote no on Katrina aid. He did so because there was no accountability required. He was vilified. And he was right.