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Monday, January 19, 2009

Van Mobley spoke Saturday in Sauk County...

...and BBA TV was there!

At long last, the video I promised from Saturday morning's Sauk County GOP caucus, where Van Mobley, professor at Concordia University and a candidate for DPI Superintendent, was the keynote speaker.

Clip 1: Mobley talks about his history with the Republican Party.

It's true, if he makes it past the primary, he'll be labeled "the Republican candidate," with all that represents. He'll be opposed on that basis alone, regardless of the policies he promotes while on campaign. He'll be smeared as in the pocket of big business; as a teacher-hater; as the enemy of public schools on that basis alone. He's a Republican. Nothing else will matter.

I think an appropriate rebuttal will be: so?

On why he's running:

On him being the only candidate who's publicly said the QEO should stay put, and why:

I took about 8 minutes of video, which I've uploaded on YouTube. Here's the link, if you want to watch the whole thing.

He took a few questions later. Among his answers: don't start a 4-year-old kindergarten program when you don't know what your financial outlook will be (Baraboo's school board recently voted the program down, but the bureaucracy wants to bring it back).

Also, he said he'll fight against any mandates on public schools, and that he'll fight for "every scrap" of stimulus money we can get once they "split up the pie."

All in all, I thought Mobley was an impressive speaker who would make a good candidate. I didn't see or hear anything to shake me away from supporting Rose Fernandez – although, I'll repeat, I don't know a great deal about Fernandez' larger philosophy.

Part of me would love to see Mobley get through the primaries, just so we can have a fight with the liberal element and their "but he's a Republican!" campaign.

I wonder if Mobley's asked to speak at Democrat events. If he hasn't, he should. It is a non-partisan office.

Ooo – what about a Mobley vs. Fernandez general? That'd be fun.