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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Re: We're better than this

Regarding Tom's post.

I don't think much of it one way or the other. As long as Tom isn't waving it in everyone's face to make sure people around him know he did not vote for Obama (PBUH), even though I figure most people who regularly read the WI blogs understand that Tom didn't vote Obama (PBUH). That is what a lot of it was about, people wanting to let others know they voted "correctly" unlike those other "boobs n rubes". Jay Nordlinger over at National Review has been writing a lot on this of late.

While, it is important for us to keep high-minded about the debate and resistance to the Obama (PBUH) agenda, we should not lose our senses of humor. One facet of my disgust with the left's behavior with respect to President Bush was their darkness about it. Even when a lot on the left were being humorous there were dark undertones to the humor. Tom's post was a simple inversion, he took one of the left's daily primal scream and turned it back on them.

As Chris said, Tom's post did not cross any lines of decency, the only possible offense is that of cliché.

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