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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Way to go Georgia

Who knows maybe this is the Dunkirk moment for the GOP.

The good people of Georgia have reelected Saxby Chambliss to the United States Senate. This ends any hope of the Socialists getting the Super Majority they so coveted. So the filibuster is safe and all the cheating going on in Minnesota to try and get Steward Smallie elected will not help them kill the filibuster.

Hopefully the GOP will learn from past experience and understand that Bipartisanship is a myth. Lets hope they use this gift the people of Georgia have given them wisely.

Time to throw sand in the gears of our Comrades on the lefts steam roller.

Now our only worry is, will some spineless Rino stab the party in the back when push comes to shove. Only time will tell.

No matter how dark the clouds get you can usually find a silver lining.