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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

19 Pointer Taken on Opening Weekend... a car in Pierce County.

“It got hit by a car and its two hind legs were broken,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Koranda, who was assigned the call.

Koranda explained that what made this an unusual car versus deer collision was the deer. The deer was noticeable for its enormus rack. Results showed that the buck was an estimated 19-pointer.

I'm not a hunter, but if I hit a 19 pointer, I'm keeping the sumbuck. So did the driver keep it?

Pierce County Sheriff Nancy Hove explained that in situations like this, Binkowski was given the option of keeping the deer. She refused. Sheriff’s Dispatch has a call list made up of individuals in the county who take dead deer. Koranda said that within about a half-hour someone came and took the deer.

I'm trying to imagine what that call to the first person on the list sounded like:

"Hello, Mr. Smith. This is the Pierce County Sheriff's Department."

"Please don't tell me someone died."

"No, sir. We had an car versus deer this morning. It appears to be a 19 pointer, and we were wondering if you'd like to claim it."

"A how many pointer?!"

"19, sir."

"Sh&*! I'm the first one you called, right? I'll be there as soon as I get dressed."

And you know that guy already has his mighty hunting story ready for when that head gets mounted on the wall of his den.