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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doyle appointee criticizes Wisconsin’s welfare state…

lefty blogger calls him racist and says he hates children.

Perhaps you saw this article in Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal, written by Tom Hefty, who was, among other things, co-chair of Gov. Jim Doyle's Economic Growth Council.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

The Princeton report concludes simply, "Wisconsin is more attractive to low income individuals than high wage earners."

… A report presented at a 2008 Federal Reserve Conference on the Midwest economy sheds some light on the issue.

According to that presentation, Wisconsin has the highest welfare benefits in the Midwest. Welfare reform imposed time limits on benefits and introduced work requirements. But Wisconsin retained its generous benefit levels. They are nearly 10 percent higher than in Minnesota and almost 30 percent higher than in Illinois.

And Wisconsin has other benefits for low income individuals.
That’s pretty big news, especially coupled with the “brain drain,” liberal plans to dramatically raise taxes in Wisconsin, and the “$5.4 billion” budget deficit.

So, naturally, the lefties at Uppity Wisconsin write:

Is the word "migration" your quaint, racist euphemism for non-white people moving here from Chicago and other parts south?

Why are you opposed to healthcare for children?
Hey, I wish Hefty had included a link to the study (here’s one of them, by the way – I googled it), and maybe some more concrete numbers, too. Those are legitimate criticisms.

But this leftist – and, I don’t hesitate to suggest, many leftists – can’t help but pull out the hateful and racist tags. Typical.