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Thursday, December 18, 2008

That's 750 parakeets per room, average

Just how big is one of those, anyway?

BERLIN (AP) -- Berlin officials said they have rescued 1,500 parakeets from a two-room apartment. City veterinarian Margit Platzer said the birds were flying freely around the apartment, which was "littered with feces, feathers and leftover food." Platzer said it took her team more than seven hours on Tuesday to catch all the birds with nets.
It's actually pretty easy at first: they pretty much fly into the nets on their own. Those last hundred or so, though...those ones are tough.

The birds were taken Wednesday to animal shelters in Berlin and elsewhere because there was not enough room for them at facilities in the capital.

Local media reported, without citing sources, that the owner gradually bought and bred the birds until his apartment was full, and that neighbors had complained about the noise and smell.
He probably started breeding them thinking they'd be good to eat, then found out just how little they are. But by then, the exponentiality factor had set in, and it was too late.

I wonder how the guy slept in there, with all those little birds flying around.