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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Liberal Blogger Opposes Abrahamson

We had to wait until after Sarah Palin became the Veep candidate to find out that, yes, liberals really do want experience in their candidates.

Well, having declared a general disdain for inexperience, at least one liberal blogger is prepared to stick to it. Liberal blogger Xoff writes:
Perhaps someone told Esenberg, a Federalist Society member who helped elect the last two right-wing, ethically challenged ideologues/political hacks to the court, that it's a good idea to be a judge of some kind, at least for a little while, before you run for the state's highest court.
Esenberg responds, in part:
I don't think that being a judge is a necessary qualification for the state supreme court. The Chief Justice, I am sure, would agree with me because she herself was not a judge before joining the court...
Xoff notes that Abrahamson was appointed - not elected - to the court, and states: comment was in the context of the odds of someone with zero judicial experience being elected to the Supremes by the voters. Very long odds indeed.
Indeed, it seems likely that the voters would have rejected Abrahamson, had they been given an honest chance. In all honesty, I have to agree.

I agree with Xoff: given an honest chance, the voters will likely reject Abrahamson. Kudos to him for going against the grain!