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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

But is it the “nice” list, or the “naughty” one?

And how much pork can Santa fit into his bag, anyway?

Sauk County makes Doyle's list

Gov. Jim Doyle's list of 1,800 infrastructure projects that could use an injection of federal money includes a few projects slated for the Sauk County area.
This is, I think, the “list” Doyle took with him when he went to Washington to tell Congress that states are “too big to fail.”

I don’t want to be too snarky. I’ve long supported one of the projects on Doyle’s list: extending the runway at the Baraboo-Dells Airport. That’s an economic development project that – with active cooperation from the surrounding communities – could be a very big deal. Plus, federal money is already a huge component of airport funding everywhere.

Still, this amounts to asking your Dad for date money when Dad just lost his job after maxing out the credit cards and skipping the mortgage payment for three months.