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Monday, November 03, 2008

Favre's #2!

With his one fumble against the Bills on Sunday (his 7th this season), Brett Favre took sole possession of second place on the NFL's all-time fumble list. He's got 154 of them now: Dave Kreig, now #3, has 153.

Favre needs seven more fumbles to tie, eight to break Warren Moon's all-time record of 161. That would mean tying or breaking his own personal fumbles-in-a-season record: 14, set in 2001.

It's not sour grapes. There just aren't many milestones left for him to meet. We should note, I suppose, that Tom Brady's knee injury and the Indianapolis Colts' newfound mediocrity makes it all the less likely that Brady or Peyton Manning will ever catch Favre's touchdown record.