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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Never underestimate the influence of the NRA

Seen while lit-dropping in western Sauk County yesterday:

That's a WWII-era M4 - a Sherman Tank. Nicknamed, for some reason, "Rosebud 1." It's standing right next to the Cazenovia VFW.

Noticing the offensive capabilities of their neighbors to the south, LaValle has taken their own steps to deter aggression:

That is an M60A3 - the final member of the Patton series, first in service in the 1960s, and only superceded in the 1990s by the M1 Abrahms. There are still some thousands of these tanks in service around the world, particularly in Egypt, Turkey, and Israel.

No, I didn't know that ten minutes ago. God bless the internet.

Anyway, here's hoping the good people of Cazenovia realize that responding to LaValle's superior armored force will only lead to an arms race, which will do little other than disrupt the local whitetail herd. And nobody wants that.