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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Damned if we do...

You’re Still A Racist, Obama Advisor Says

Even if you vote for Obama, you’re still probably a racist, according to Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree, in his remarks at a recent panel discussion at my alma mater.
How's that, exactly?

Ogletree, Obama’s top advisor on race issues, explains that since Obama is “biracial,” his election won’t prove that racism has receded. White America won’t vote for blacks, Ogletree argues, and Obama’s election is possible only because he’s partly white.
You knew that, right? Because it's been all over the news.


The ABA Journal predicts that Ogletree, who has long advocated race-based reparations, will be the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Civil Rights Division during the Obama administration.
FYI - Ogletree is black, so voting against Obama just to keep him out of the Justice Department would be racist. Of course, since you're already a racist no matter how you vote, you might as well get the most bang* for your dumb cracker buck.

* Please not that the use of the word "bang" in this post was purely metaphorical and should not be construed as any sort of threat either real or implied.