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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Good PR

Why'd it take the UW this long to figure out good PR? They're a university, for crying out loud. They're supposed to be smart.

Well, whether it took too long or not, they've figured it out:

UW chancellors’ pay raises postponed amid shaky economy

Due to the poor state of the economy, the UW System Board of Regents will not consider raising the salaries of four UW chancellors as previously planned at this week’s meeting.

...“In consideration of the extreme turmoil in our economy … this was just the wrong time for our board to consider these kinds of salary adjustments,” (UW System spokesperson David) Giroux said.

...Such adjustments are considered on a “case by case basis, and this was simply a case of bad timing,” Giroux said.
Of course, they couldn't resist including this:

“The obvious [result] is that we have four chancellors whose salaries will remain even further behind their peers than they would have been,” Giroux said.
Of course, it's worth remembering that, when the UW was looking to fill UW-Madison's Chancellor position, they had 55 candidates.