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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Voter suppression in Madison!

We have to act, and end the voter registration requirement altogether. It’s the only way.

Why? Because Madison officials are worried that same-day registrations on Election Day will result in really long lines:

Memorial Library Chief Election Inspector Ann Waidelich, "I've asked for 20 people to be there just to do registration on that day."

A record number of voters are expected to turn out in November and the fear is many of them won't be registered, meaning long lines and big delays. But it's a problem that can be avoided.

We're in the midst of voter registration month in Dane County and volunteers on the UW campus say they've registered more than 1-thousand voters in the last two days.
Volunteer Ron Marsdan says, "It's really important that we try to get them preregistered now and avoid those long lines election day."

But the window is closing. If you're not signed up by October 15th you'll have to wait and do it when you vote.

…Voter Mark Bergeson says, "Those lines are long and terrible. I don't want to stand in that line."

Latisha Oglesby says, "The line was extremely long. I waited in a line for about 2 hours to vote."

It's a wait that could be even worse this time around.
And as a guest columnist over at told us recently, long lines are exactly the same as voter suppression. Exactly the same:

Any delay, any question, any removing of names from the voting list on this basis under Wisconsin law would be voter suppression. And any lines that form because of the Attorney General should reflect on him. Voter suppression from the top cop of the state. That is just awful.
We can’t end same-day registration, because that would disenfranchise those who wouldn’t/couldn’t get registered beforehand.

But same-day registration is causing voter suppression!

So end the registration requirement altogether. Just let people come in and vote!

It’s the only way.