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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Put down that hamburger, mate!

Kangaroo’s back on the menu, because it’s better for the Earth.

Australians should replace beef and lamb on the dinner table with kangaroo to fight climate change, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's chief climate-change adviser says.

Professor Ross Garnaut has suggested in his final report on climate change that the nation's farmers should switch to the low-emission meat.

He also suggests Australian families should give up beef and eat more kangaroo.

…"Australian marsupials emit negligible amounts of methane from enteric fermentation. This could be a source of international comparative advantage for Australia in livestock production.”
Enteric fermentation occurs in a cow’s first stomach – the one where grass or hay is changed into cud. Bacteria work the food over, which produces methane. The cows then pass the methane (through both ends) and that’s bad for the environment.

Greenhouse gases, you know (snigger, snigger…gases).

Naturally, I couldn’t post on this without also posting this movie classic:

Bet the Earth warmed up a couple degrees after that. Right around that campfire, at least.