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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

UW-Whitewater instructing students on when to fight back


The new program is called, "Shots fired: When Lightning Strikes."

The video shows students what to do in case of an emergency on campus.

It also tells students if there is a gunmen on campus and they have no other option they should fight back.

Junior Elizabeth Harty says, " If that is your only alternative, you are going to do what you need to do to stay alive."

According to Chief Kiederlen the response has been overwhelmingly positive. He says faculty and staff are excited to see the tape on campus and they're just glad to see that somethings being done

Junior Jay Stokes says, "I think that as a college student many of us are ready to hear that and if it wasn't included in the video I think it would be very unrealistic and kind of idealistic."
I wonder sometimes just how many tragedies occur without any challenge, or resistance, simply because we're so used to somebody else – the police, the fire department, etc. – being responsible for emergencies.

Like the dishes piling up at home when the wife leaves for a week, simply because you don’t think to do them because she just always automatically does.

This program may never prevent – in fact, we hope it never has to prevent – a tragedy, but engendering a greater sense of self-reliance can’t be a bad thing.

They should sell those videos. Bet they could make some nice change.

Maybe some hope, too.