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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tiny bubbles, or, Re: Gas prices

Guys, don't get me wrong - I'm happy about the drop.

And I'm also unhappy, because the squeeze is regularly, unreasonably, spiraling ever higher; the drop isn't back to where the last rise began - not even close.

I have kids living on the margin, and more money at the pump means less money for clothes for my beautiful granddaughter, no Chucky Cheese this month, and a tougher time getting that prescription filled. Along with the press to work harder to earn more just to get by.

In my last post, I was responding to Lance's talk about a bubble. And I quote:
Tell you what, if I were a commodities broker, I'd be getting out of oil. I mean, how long do you wait, when clearly, the bottom is falling out?

Lance doesn't stop there, he's irrationally exuberant, and you argue against him with prognostications of $5 and $6 per gallon gas. Clearly, two of the three of us would stay in oil commodities. Permanently.

Nonetheless, you both ignore my point. This will not act like a bubble, and jumping up and down about small relief doesn't change the continued rise and resulting problems.

The real problem is oil-fuel dependency. The real answer: Drill here, drill now. Press for alternatives. Kill cornohol subsidies. Work for an oil-free future that becomes a reality in the next two decades.