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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stuff about the Democratic National Convention

Lots of web-based news coming out of Denver that you didn’t see on CSPAN. A brief roundup:

James Lileks – one of my favorite writers – is there, and blogging about it here. He’s actually on the inside, with warnings about security procedures at the front door. They confiscated an apple from him, “because it could be thrown,” which is true, but they’re also supplying the press with meatballs, which are far more aerodynamic.

Which leads me to wonder whether they’re concerned somebody might throw something, or simply that said person might miss.

Pajamas Media has pictures of protesters and counter-protesters – or maybe they’re better described as parallel protesters, since they’re all protesting the same thing for different reasons – here. A sample:

PJM also has a long report (worth the read) about a fizzled attempt at an anarchist invasion that has me re-thinking my plan to spend a day among the protesters in St. Paul.

Stephen Green and Michelle Malkin nearly started a riot by…well, basically by standing still on a public street. Video here – the mob scene starts a few minutes in.

(Okay, not exactly a riot or mob scene - more of a single loudmouth who sees a chance at some free media coverage. Does seem an awful lot like bullying harrassment. Note, too, how many cameras you can see.)

Oh, and if you’re interested in an outside view of the convention from somebody who actually sympathizes with the Democrat point of view, Folkbum contributor Keith Schmitz is there.

Wisconsin's Rep. Tammy Baldwin and Gov. Jim Doyle are scheduled to speak - among several dozen others, it appears - tonight, before The Hillary takes the stage.