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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Search threads

Does anybody else pay attention to the search terms that lead people to their blogs? I have a little widget at my own place that tells me where visitors are clicking in from (if they’re clicking a link to get there), and I always find it fun to see what the Google and Yahoo and AOL Search phrases that led to me were.
For example, just today I got a hit from somebody searching the term 1912 Sport. Life Jim Doyle. This post of mine was third on the list.

This three-year-old post gets a lot of hits from people searching for “Hank Reardon metal” or some derivative thereof.

But the most frequent search that finds me, I think, is “men who act like children” or something similar to that.

Yes, I know, it's the opposite of irony that they're finding me by searching for that. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Actually that search leads to this post from over two years ago, about a men’s group that wants the right to “abort” their parental responsibilities.

I just find it interesting.