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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lefties Discover Love for Law Enforcement

Wigderson noted this story, in which a bunch of Lefties had a guy arrested because he was spouting off about Barack Obama.

Yes, there's more to it than that, but had the guy been spouting off about the price of beans in Boston, they wouldn't have spared him a second's attention.

Unless they lived in Boston, I guess. And ate a lot of beans.

The story: some crackpot from Minnesota (but I repeat myself) named Larry Sinclair - a guy with a history of fraud - has been telling people he snorted cocaine and had wild sex (okay, so he didn't say wild) with Barack Obama in the back of a limo nine years ago.

My question is: was he wearing a blue dress at the time, and did he save the stain?

No, wait, that's not my question. Here's my question: is anybody really so naïve that this wild accusation would change their votes in November? I kinda doubt it.

Instead of laughing at this nutcase and wondering out loud why John McCain doesn't publicly condemn the man, Lefty activists did what they could to have him arrested. Wiggy notes from this story:

The arrest followed a failed campaign by Firedoglake, a leading liberal blog, to prevent Sinclair from airing his allegations at the prestigious Press Club.

But a couple blogging from Paris then began trying to arrange for his arrest at the appearance -- a plan that seems to have succeeded.

"After a phone call to the Washington, D.C. Police, we have verified that Lawrence Wayne Sinclair has been arrested at the National Press Club just after his press conference ended," bloggers at the Mitch and Nan Show trumpeted Thursday.
It appears that Sinclair was not arrested for what he was saying, but for outstanding warrants on some other matter.

I have no beef with that, nor with somebody dropping a dime on Sinclair to help law enforcement nab him, although it is funny to see Lefty bloggers using law enforcement to silence an otherwise harmless man who was likely only to bring ridicule upon himself.

The motives of those Lefty bloggers were not, after all, enforcing the law. They were to stop him from talking. And yes, I know, the "talking" was malicious and slanderous (or was it libelous?). Still, the salient point is: they wanted to shut him up, so they explored the possibility of having him arrested. That's the sort of thing jackbooted Righties are supposed to do – at least, according to Lefties.

That sentiment comes out in the comments to Wiggy's post: viral commenter John Foust, among others, claims that Righties will do the exact same thing – except, of course, we wouldn't stop to wonder whether the guy has an actual criminal record or warrants for his arrest. We'd just send in the troops.

Which only proves that they – these specific Lefty commenters – don't really know what conservatism is, or what conservatives are.