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Sic Semper Tyrannis

Monday, June 23, 2008

No, it didn't walk out of the Lake Delton lakebed.

A green-skinned brontosaurus narrowly avoided extinction Wednesday, when a Lake Delton Police Officer swerved his vehicle and side-swiped the large reptile that appeared to be crossing the street.

"I've been here almost 10 years, and I've never seen anything like that in the middle of the road," Officer Michael Horkheimer said of the six-foot dinosaur.

At about 1:15 a.m. Wednesday morning, Horkheimer was patrolling Wisconsin Dells Parkway near Subway and the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory. The officer was watching a suspicious couple, he said, when the minor collision took place.

...The fiberglass dinosaur was in the middle of both southbound lanes, adjacent to its usual placement in front of Subway and Dino Stop gas station.

...(the collision) broke the passenger side mirror and left a few scuff marks on the window, both addressed on Thursday. The dinosaur escaped the traumatic collision with minor chest lacerations that did not require transport or medical aid.
Now that's just good writing.

People pull that dinosaur into the road pretty frequently, according to the story. Just good fun.