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Monday, June 23, 2008

Depleted Lake Delton attracts hundreds of gawkers

There is a silver lining, we're just not sure how deep it goes.

LAKE DELTON — Hundreds of gawkers are making the trek to Lake Delton to see the nearly empty basin and destruction left when the lake overflowed earlier this month.

Randy Perryman of suburban Chicago made the trip Saturday to the lake he has seen in better times.
That's great, but please stay off private property.

Lake Delton residents say such visitors are a mixed blessing.

Pat Schultz estimates more than 1,000 people tramped through her debris-strewn yard to see the lake before the area was blocked with police tape.

But business owners say they are grateful for people stopping at their restaurants, gas stations and other businesses hurt by an overall drop in tourism.
You can also get a decent look at the breach by taking a Wisconsin Duck ride. Tell 'em Lance sent you.

No, that's not good for a discount.