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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Re: Wingnuts stereotype about Marines' intelligence

Lance, I appreciate the pep talk. Nonetheless, with regard to:
"Before we go getting all huffy and outraged, lets think this through. Stereotype notwithstanding, Marines are not stupid. You can’t be stupid and do what they do."
I agree that soldiers aren't stupid.

However, they work long, hard hours for weeks or months at a stretch far from their families and communities, and they can be dismayed by pathetic, mean-spirited strangers - the same people who'd step over their bleeding bodies on the streets or in the malls because it's not their responsibility to get involved - deciding all of a sudden to reach out and touch them in the hope of getting them to decide they've been living a lie for a scheming, evil Bushitler dictatorship that kills the very people they've vowed to give their lives to save.

So I am somewhat huffy and outraged.

Moreover, what these people are doing is treasonous, and they should be prosecuted. But they won't be.