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Monday, June 09, 2008

I just sent in my latest column for FoxPolitics...

...and as it turned out, I couldn't fit this little tidbit from Ed Garvey in anywhere, much as I wanted to:

Sad Day in Janesville: News of 2,400 good jobs lost and the ripple has not started. OK, I'm just going to blurt it out--"How do you like NAFTA now, Bill Clinton?" Had you listened to David Bonier, Janesville might be in business to stay.

Jim Doyle said, "I'm mad and I want to get even." I don't know what that means. Meanwhile, it is time for more than the usual "job training be provided." We need a plan. Yes, we will have to raise taxes to develop a meaningful plan of action (emphasis mine).
Irony, thy name is Garvey: NAFTA may well have affected the plant’s fate. So his solution: raise taxes, to make the competitive environment even worse for local businesses.