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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lest we think the Ron Paulies have all gone home…

The American Liberty Coalition, a Wisconsin-based PAC that supports Ron Paul and Paul-style political candidates, wants to make a splash at the Republican National Convention in September.

In the morning they (the national delegates) get coffee in the lobby and see many RP (Ron Paul) supporters getting their morning danishes. They pick up the local paper and see a Ron Paul newspaper ad on page 4. All these RP events are talking to them, talking to their consciences. Reminding them they are about to vote for a nominee that does not live up to their traditional conservative values. On the way to the convention center they spot various RP billboards and a RP crowd gathered outside. Nervously flashing delegate credentials, they fight through a storm trooper police line…
No, the delegates won't be nervous. They won't have to "fight through." And thanks, ALC, for disparaging the local law enforcement. Nice to know at least one of my preconceptions is on the money.

…and finally arrive to take their positions on the convention floor. What are they thinking at this point? What do they do?
What are you thinking they're going to do? Change their votes from McCain to Paul?

Imagine this scenario playing out during the 4 days of the GOP convention Sept. 1-4.

This could go down in history as the first time a grassroots movement ever took over the city that a national convention was being held in. Think of the press.
How incredibly underwhelming.

I don't doubt the Ron Paulies' dedication, or their sincerity, or their desire to do good for the country.

But what's the point of this? Do they honestly think they're going to change the convention's outcome? Because they won't.

I remember, shortly after the 2000 election, overhearing someone on Madison's State Street saying how Ralph Nader was the first candidate to create a lasting third-party presence. This is akin to that.