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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DNR: Black bears sightings on the rise in southern Wisconsin

SPRING GREEN – Several recent black bear sightings have prompted Department of Natural Resources’ wildlife biologists to point out that their visitations are becoming more common each year in the ‘Driftless’ area of southwest Wisconsin.

June is the breeding season for bears in Wisconsin and “most bear sightings we receive in southern counties occur during late May and June...
May and June? Wouldn't this release have been more useful...oh, I dunno, six weeks ago?

...when sub-adult bears, mostly young males, are forced out of breeding territories up north and disperse long distances in search of new habitat,” explained DNR biologist Becky Roth, Spring Green.

…Over the last three weeks, bear sightings have been reported in Richland County near Richland Center, Sauk County near Lake Delton, western Dane County near Blue Mounds, and Iowa County near Barneveld.
They’ve got advice at the link on how to keep bears away from your home, and on what to do if you see a bear. That advice does not include peeing your pants and running away screaming, although there are probably worse things for you to do.