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Monday, June 02, 2008

Clinton has the popular vote*

* At least, based on election rules that have been kinda-sorta in effect since the DNC's Rules Committee meeting over the weekend.

Via Talkleft:

Based on the numbers below going into today's Puerto Rico primary, if the CNN projections are correct, Hillary will have either a 322,000 lead or a 212,000 popular vote lead over Obama.

Total votes with Florida and Michigan (From Real Clear Politics):
  • Hillary: 17,428,986
  • Obama: 17,266,433
  • Hillary leads by 162,553 votes
Total votes with Florida and Michigan and the caucus estimates for IA, WA, NV and ME:
  • Hillary: 17,652,848
  • Obama: 17,600,517
  • Hillary leads by 52,331 votes

Note that she doesn’t list the numbers without Florida and Michigan – that gives Obama the edge. Plus we've got South Dakota and Wyoming tomorrow.

She writes:

These include the actual vote count for Michigan. Obama cannot count any popular votes from Michigan in my view since he removed himself from the ballot. The DNC can do what they want with delegates, but they cannot change the actual vote totals of certified state elections.
I tend to agree: the Democratic Party didn't "disenfranchise" Michigan and Florida - those state Parties chose not to follow the rules laid down by the national Party. Like the nuns in Indiana, they could have taken full part by following the rules.

Not that I don't understand why they did what they did. I'd have supported doing the same, I think, if for no other reason than it's made this election so much more fun.

Love this comment:

We can not allow guessing on voter intent. It's a horrible precedent.
Wonder what that commenter was saying during the 2000 recount?

Hat tip Instapundit.