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Monday, June 02, 2008

Assembly candidate on YouTube

Nathan Russell, Republican candidate for the 51st Assembly District, has his own YouTube channel.

We have uploaded a new YouTube video to our site, The “June is Dairy Month” video highlights the importance of our state’s dairy industry and the need to invest in our dairy infrastructure as well as encourage dairy investment in the state. You can get to our youtube website by clicking the link above or you can go directly to the new video by clicking below.

Maybe he doesn't want to gesture at the cows like that next time he says "my family."

The 51st District covers the southern half of Sauk County, all of Iowa County, most of Lafayette County, and a little bit of Richland County. Steve Hilgenberg (D-Dodgeville) is the incumbent - he beat Steve Freese in 2006.

Russell's a young guy who looks like a good candidate from here. He's certainly working hard. I wonder how effective a YouTube channel will be in a district as rural as that one, but what the heck. If nothing else, it'll give me something new to blog about.

Here's Russell's website.