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Monday, June 02, 2008

The World Could Use More Barabooians

Baraboo businessmen give a big gift to Iowa tornado victims

It started with a vision to help. Dave Deppe and Lloyd Byxbe, two long-time Baraboo friends and businessmen, contacted their friends in the business community and asked for donations.

It is shaping up to be a major donation. They spent Friday loading one semi with thousands and thousands of cans of food, bottles of water, and towels. It will depart for Parkersburg, Iowa on Saturday morning.

"They need everything. There's nothing they can't use," said Byxbe.

"We decided to do what we could to help," said Deppe, who owns a trucking company and is driving one of the rigs himself.

He's got sweet peas from Senaca Foods, towels from McArthur's, and $2,000 worth of diesel fuel from Ho-Chunk.

On Sunday, the men will collect even more donations from Baraboo churches. They're asking for canned goods and toys for the kids. A truck with those supplies will also leave for Iowa.

Neither of the men know anyone personally affected by the storm.