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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wisconsin Institute for Leadership Launches

Normally I'd opine a bit, but I'll let WIL do that for me:
Wisconsinites who support the free market and individual liberty have a new voice and a new online home. The Wisconsin Institute for Leadership (WIL) has just launched its website which includes a web log, an electronic town hall forum and a vehicle for social networking.

"Our website is a portal for Wisconsinites who are interested in the promotion of the free marketplace and individual liberties," said WIL's Executive Director Brian Fraley. "However, we are more than a newsletter or merely a bulletin board for information; we're creating an online community from which practical public policies will emanate."

The group's website is

"We will utilize the latest Internet-based technologies to deliver our message, recruit new supporters and shape the debate," said Fraley. "WIL not only will conduct research and comment on the issues of the day, we're creating an online community where supporters maintain their own profiles, network with friends, create their own blogs, post videos and participate in discussion groups."

WIL is a state-focused independent advocacy organization that intends to conduct aggressive grassroots and media campaigns on the important public policy issues facing Wisconsin. WIL plans on educating Wisconsin residents on policies that expand individual liberties, encourage free markets, promote high quality education and demand accountability from public officials.

The group is particularly concerned about the state of the State's economy.

"With 6,000 people being sent layoff notices in the first four months of this year alone, the Wisconsin economy is in crisis, and it will require leadership to reverse course," said Fraley. "While government intervention is rarely the answer to marketplace fluctuations and slight adjustments in the economy, Wisconsin still needs and deserves leadership on these pressing issues from its policy makers."

Fraley said the group will research and promote policies that will get Wisconsin back on the right track.

Go check it out.