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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton, the Rocky Balboa of feminist dreams

Rick Moran is, as far as I know, a good conservative, but he comes off sounding like the mainstream media circa 1992 (or maybe 2007) in his latest for Pajamas Media:

…(Hillary Clinton) bows her neck and keeps charging not so much because she still has a slim chance at the nomination, but because she feels an obligation to the millions of women who are out there now and who will follow in her footsteps. She is still in it for the shining faces of teenage girls who look back at her from the audience and who see beyond the dream of becoming president and can now taste the reality of it. She is in it for the seniors who she cultivates so assiduously and who see in her perhaps a culmination of all their hopes and dreams that never materialized in their lifetime because of the barriers that Hillary has now smashed to pieces, never to be erected again.

This is not a quest for the nomination as much as it is the road to a validation of her place in history. One can hardly fault her for trying to keep faith with the millions who see her as a living icon and a harbinger of things to come. For that reason, she may decide to stay in the race until the last primary has been held so that every woman who believes in her and, more importantly, what she represents, can be heard.
If he's being sarcastic, I can't tell. If he's not being sarcastic, maybe he should lay off the cough medicine when he's writing.