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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I agree with 64% of Democrat voters...

...who say Clinton should stay in the race:

Pushing back against political punditry, more than six in 10 Democrats say there's no rush for Hillary Clinton to leave the presidential race even as Barack Obama consolidates his support for the nomination and scores solidly in general-election tests.

Despite Obama's advantage in delegates and popular vote, 64 percent of Democrats in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll say Clinton should remain in the race. Even among Obama's supporters, 42 percent say so.
Lots more results here. Obama's the favorite among Democrats by 12 points over Clinton - and she held a 53-29 lead over him back in December. Also, Clinton is the favored choice for Veep on an Obama ticket:

That peaks at 59 percent of African-Americans, 47 percent of Clinton supporters and 42 percent of women (vs. 34 percent of men).