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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sounds like a Libertarian

Deputy pepper sprays man who said he was running for Congress

WATERFORD — A Burlington man who says he is running for Congress is facing several charges after a scuffle with a deputy Monday night at the busy intersection of highways 36 and 164.

According to Racine County Sheriff’s reports, a deputy made a check on a car that was parked near the intersection with its hazard lights operating just after 6:15 p.m. Nearby was a man wearing a sandwich board that read “Have a Nice Day.”

The deputy made contact with Joseph W. Baker, 42, 372 Lewis St., Burlington, who according to reports was at first a bit apprehensive. Eventually, he told the deputy that he is running for Congress.

According to reports, the deputy approached Baker and asked for identification. Baker allegedly refused to surrender his license, placed his hands underneath the sandwich board and leaned into the deputy. Reports indicate that Baker then allegedly made grabbing motions at the deputy’s uniform. He was then warned to stop and step back or he would be sprayed with pepper spray. When Baker allegedly again made another motion toward the deputy, Baker was sprayed.

After he was sprayed, according to reports, Baker ran away from the deputy screaming.

The commotion caused vehicles passing by to slow down to take a look, reports indicate.

…Baker allegedly told the deputy he would have paid $1,000 to see the spectacle of himself running along the highway, screaming, after he was sprayed.