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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Am I the only one who thinks this is creepy?

Favre fan retires faded No. 4 after 1,581 days

Twelve-year-old David Witthoft wore a red Nike shirt to school on April 24.

It's significant because on each of the previous 1,581 days, Witthoft wore the Brett Favre jersey he received as a gift for Christmas 2003 when he was just 7.

"His last day wearing the jersey was April 23, which was his 12th birthday," Chuck Witthoft, David's father, said from their Ridgefield, Conn., home on Monday. "It was tough for him for awhile but now that he's 12, he is a little more concerned about his appearance. And the jersey barely came down to his beltline."

David Witthoft gained national attention in 2005 when it was disclosed that he wore his Favre jersey every day since it was given to him at Christmas 2003. He gave radio, newspaper and television interviews about the streak. He also received a card from the now-former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre.

He and his family flew to Green Bay when the Packers took on the Detroit Lions in December and also will attend the Sept. 8 game when the Packers retire Favre's No. 4. The Packers announced Favre's decision to retire on March 4.

"Dave was pretty upset when Favre retired," his father said. "But we knew we had to figure out an end game. He finally decided it was time."

David plans to frame and hang the jersey in his bedroom, but the family might also contact the Packers Hall of Fame to see if there is any interest in displaying it. The final decision will be David's, his father said.

"He's really attached to this shirt," Chuck Witthoft said.
When Favre started his first game for the Packers, this kid wasn't even born yet.