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Friday, May 16, 2008

Light blogging, steak sandwiches

Not that anybody's gonna be reading this over a nice weekend like the one we've got ahead of us, but since my weekend is jam packed, there'll be precious little blogging coming from me for the next couple days.

If you're anywhere near Baraboo tomorrow, Saturday, you should do yourself a favor and come to the square. Twice a year, the downtown business association hosts a Faire on the Square - lots of art booths, live music, etc.

But the real reason to come down is the sandwich booth the men's group at my church - the Brotherhood of St. Andrew - runs. We make an oak-grilled, sirloin tip sandwich on a toasted roll, with grilled onions and salsa and jalapenos to taste. It is the best sandwich you have ever had. And I mean: The. Best. Sandwich.

Seriously, think of the best sandwich you've ever had. Now think of something so good that it makes that sandwich, it wasn't bad. Not great. It was okay.

Our sandwiches are even better than that.

And all the proceeds go to local charities, so you can feel good about packing three or four of them away.

Come on by and say hello. I'll be working the grill.