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Monday, May 05, 2008

I want some of these

Souped-Up Contacts Promise Bionic Eyesight

Most advances in retinal implants concentrate on restoring, not enhancing, sight. But there’s hope yet for superhuman vision, and without surgery: A team at the University of Washington has created a contact lens assembled with functional circuitry and LEDs.

Potential uses include virtual displays for pilots, video-game projections and telescopic vision for soldiers. A working prototype of a lens-embedded antenna that draws power for the device from radio frequencies has also been created. The next steps are to build a version that can display several pixels — and then to test it on a person.

..."There's a lot of room to expand," Babak Parviz, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at UW, says of the technology. "You can let your imagination run wild."
How many box tops for the x-ray vision?

Oh, I did not just say that.